Exceed® Static-Hydraulic Test Systems

Systems with force capacities from 600 to 2000 kN (135,000 to 450,000 lbf), actuated by a powerful, self-contained pump with integrated digital closed-loop controls. Systems are tension only, providing accurate and reliable testing of high strength specimens. Three grip options available to suit your test applications.


Test Specimens

Test Standards

Key Product Features

Durable / Reliable

Four rigid gap-free columns designed to withstand rigors of high-force testing


Optional accessories, environmental systems and extensometers for a variety of tests

Accurate / Repeatable Results

H-style load cell with strong side pull resistance, linearity and stability

Advanced Safety Features

Upper grip displacement limit, strength overload, overheating and over-voltage protections

Model Comparison

Model E65.605BF

  • Maximum Rated Force Capacity: 600 kN (135000 lbf)
  • Grip Options:
    • WGA.605 Wedge Grips
    • MTS 647.50B Wedge Grips
    • Demgen 600.21 Side Loading Action Grips

Model E65.126BF

  • Maximum Rated Force Capacity: 1200 kN (270000 lbf)
  • Grip Options:
    • WGA.126 Wedge Grips
    • MTS 647.100B Wedge Grips
    • Demgen 1200.21 Side Loading Action Grips

Model E65.206BF

  • Maximum Rated Force Capacity: 2000 kN (450000 lbf)
  • Grip Options:
    • WGA.206 Wedge Grips
    • MTS 647.250 Wedge Grips
    • Demgen 2000.21 Side Loading Action Grips

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