Bionix® Multistation Wear Simulators

Bionix Multistation Wear Simulators

Aiding researchers in developing better joint implant designs through long term wear testing, component optimization and material properties characterization. These systems also provide a realistic and practical compromise between general-wear screening devices (such as pin-on-disk systems) and the intensive research accomplished through full-scale simulation and modeling.


  • Long Term Wear
  • Fatigue Testing
  • Compression
  • Impingement
  • Simulation of Daily Living Activities

Test Specimens

  • Biomaterials and Medical Devices
  • Medical Device Components

Key Product Features

Repeatable Results

Accurate replication of forces and motions

Accelerated Testing

Multistation configuration speeds testing time


Includes devices to control fluid concentration and temperature

Durable / Reliable

Durable specimen containment modules

Model Comparison

Spine Wear Simulator

  • Six Station
  • One Load Soak
  • Single-station Spinewear System Also Available

Hip Wear Simulator

  • Eight Station
  • Two Load Soak
  • Six Degree of Freedom
  • Single-station Hip Wear System Also Available

Knee Wear Simulator

  • Six Station
  • Two Load Soak
  • Single-station Knee Wear System Also Available

Featured Case Studies

Exponent, Inc. - testing medical implants and cadaveric specimens
SpineServ - testing orthopedic devices for the spine

Technical Overview

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