DuraGlide 244 Hydraulic Actuators

DuraGlide 244 Hydraulic Actuators are optimized to meet the unique precision and dependability requirements of testing. Now made with proprietary SureCoat® rod finishing technology to minimize friction, and maximize reliability, wear resistance and energy efficiency, these actuators are used worldwide in a variety of demanding applications from vehicle dynamics and structural fatigue to component testing.


Test Specimens

Key Product Features

10x Greater Service Life

SureCoat™ Rod Finishing Technology increases rod service life by 10x over hard chrome-plated rods

Durable / Reliable

Fatigue-rated designs, built to exceed their rated loads for millions of cycles

Energy Efficient

Introduces little friction, reducing internal flow losses and heat produced, thus requires less energy to operate

Unparalleled Performance

Exceptional fidelity over the full range of motion reduces distortion

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