ReNew™ Upgrades

An MTS ReNew upgrade replaces the outdated controls of your existing test system with state-of-the-art MTS digital controls and a personal computer running best-in-class MTS TestSuite™ Software. You benefit from the latest in MTS controller and software innovation while maximizing your current testing assets.


Test Specimens

Test Standards

Key Product Features


Less expensive than buying new capital equipment


Manage controller obsolescence and avoid downtime


Use your existing test accessories

Advanced Safety Features

Ability to set limits for load, extension, strain or any other data channel

Model Comparison

Electromechanical Upgrades

  • 32 off-the-shelf ReNew products that include upgrades to controllers, electronics and data acquisition systems for specific load frames
  • Standardized ReNew upgrades available for the controls of several commonly used load frames, including:
  • MTS Alliance
  • MTS Sintech
  • MTS Qtest
  • MTS Adamel
  • Instron® 1100/4200/4400/5500 series and more


Custom Upgrades

We can:

  • Integrate MTS materials load frames with 3rd party accessories, components or sub-systems
  • Design and build custom test fixtures for materials and universal testing machine (UTM) applications
  • Create customer-specific accessories for MTS Criterion®, Exceed®, Landmark® and Acumen® load frames

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