Flat-Trac Tire Force & Moment Measurement Systems

Measure force and moment (F&M) properties that affect vehicle performance and handling by applying vertical, camber, steer, and drive/braking inputs to a spinning tire on a flat surface. The Flat-Trac family is the standard for tire F&M measurements and consists of several configurations to perform a wide range of steady state and dynamic testing to meet your testing needs.


  • Tire Force and Moment Measurement
  • Tire Characterization for use in tire models
  • Time-History Simulation
  • Vehicle handling assessment utilizing hybrid simulation

Test Specimens

  • Passenger Car Tires
  • Light Truck Tires
  • Heavy Truck and Bus Tires
  • Motorsports Tires
  • Motorcycle Tires

Test Standards

  • TIMe I and II
  • SAE J1106
  • J1987_199801
  • J1988_199408

Key Product Features

Industry Standard

Tire and automotive manufacturers worldwide rely on Flat-Trac technology to meet demands for higher performing tire designs

Innovative Technology

The Flat-Trac family can integrate into an Iterative mechanical Hardware-In-the-Loop (ImHIL) simulation environment to increase the speed of tire development while decreasing development costs


Local tire service expertise and life cycle management means a quick response with immediate troubleshooting ensuring system uptime


The complete Flat-Trac family comprises five standard configurations to meet a wide range of testing needs

Model Comparison

Classic/SS (Steady-State)

  • Optimized for Steady-State testing
  • Highly sensitive load transducer
  • Free-rolling (no tire drive)
  • Steady-State & PRAT testing

CT (Cornering Traction)

  • Large force Steady-State plus dynamic F&M tests
  • Stiff load transducer enables dynamic testing
  • Tire drive enables driving and braking tests
  • Steady-State, sweep, and sinusoidal testing

CT Plus

  • Test more tires to their limits
  • Increased dynamic testing capability over CT
  • Double the torque and speed for Driving and Braking tests
  • Greater lateral force for sweep tests

LTRe (Light Truck Racing)

  • Optimized for light truck and racing tires
  • Largest tire sizes and loads
  • Test at race tire speeds
  • Simulate extreme vehicle maneuvers

Featured Case Studies

National Tire Research Center (NTRC): Transforming Tire Design

Technical Overview

Flat-Trac Tire
  1. Controller
  2. Real-tome Control Interface (RTCI)
  3. Tire Test Definition (TTD) & analysis Interface
  4. Roadway Motor (Servohydraulic)
  5. Flat-belt Roadway / Water Bearings
  6. Spindle Drive Motor (ELectric)
  7. SilentFlo Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU)
  8. Water Bearing Supply
  9. Spindle Cooler
  10. Drive & Motor Chiller
  11. Isolation Transformer
  12. Roadway & Tire Drive Electrical Cabinet

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