MTS SilentFlo 515.04 Hydraulic Power Unit
Our Smallest and Quietest HPU - Ideal for Low-Force Test Applications

MTS hydraulic power units (HPUs) are renowned for quiet, efficient and reliable operation. Now we have a small, energy-efficient HPU made specifically for low-force (1-25kN) applications. The new SilentFlo 515.04 HPU is ideal for single-station materials testing applications.


Optimally sized for smaller servohydraulic test systems that require a maximum of 4 gpm average flow, this new HPU is an economical solution for hydraulic power generation. If you have a small MTS Landmark
® or Bionix® load frame, this HPU can provide a dedicated power source at a fraction of the cost of a larger unit. With its small footprint and extremely quiet operation, it can be placed next to your test system, providing convenient access to your entire system: the load frame, the controls and the hydraulics.


This HPU is the most energy-efficient in our line. The small size requires less power to operate; and because it is designed with the new power module and cooling circuits found in other MTS SilentFlo 515 models, this unit saves energy by requiring less power to cool as well.


Just how quiet? The HPU operates at 57 dB(A), which is quieter than normal conversation. In addition, the tuned tubes reduce the outlet noise ripple that can negatively impact testing accuracy.


This HPU is easy to maintain with fewer parts and the elimination of surge suppressors and bypass circuits. The new pressure control maintains pressure stability, and the accessible controls make it easy to operate.

Now you can have the HPU that is the perfect size for your low-force materials testing applications. Contact MTS today to see how a smaller, more energy-efficient HPU can be used in your lab.

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