End-of-line testing for non-woven materials

Rapid, accurate end-of-line testing of non-woven materials for medical supplies and other consumables is critical to increasing production yields. The faster manufacturers can verify properties such as tensile strength of these finished goods, the quicker they can be brought to market.

In times where there is a surge in demand for medical supplies, it is important to get the supplies to the hospitals as quickly as possible. MTS can help accelerate faster testing by providing highly accurate and reliable static testing systems to validate production quality. These systems can address the challenges of testing materials and finished products such as personal protection equipment (PPE) and disposable medical supplies.

The MTS Criterion® and MTS Exceed® Universal Test Machines are available in lower force capacities that are ideal for end-of-line production testing. They require little infrastructure, minimal floor space and work reliably for repetitive QA/QC testing. Just what is needed to accelerate production.


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