MTS Criterion’s new controller technology improves test system performance.

The latest update to the MTS Criterion Universal Test System is advanced controller technology, featuring a data acquisition rate of up to 5000 Hz, which is 5x faster than the previous controller. This improvement allows for more precise measurement during a test and is especially valuable when testing brittle or composite materials. An update rate of 5000 Hz also provides better measurement control for stiff specimens.

Easy to Use

The new controller offers four digital inputs and four digital outputs, all available to the user. Troubleshooting indicator lights, convenient dropdown status messaging and a resettable fuse are additional features enhancing usability. The handset lets the operator know when the system is ready to use, and a watchdog light confirms that the PC is connected to the controller. Cascade control is now integrated in to all MTS Criterion Systems, providing load and strain control as well as displacement control on all systems.

Fast, Accurate Data

Ease of operation, adherence to worldwide safety and ergonomic directives and a multi-language MTS TestSuite TW software interface make the MTS Criterion family an excellent foundation for establishing and sustaining global, standardized test procedures. With the new controller, MTS Criterion Systems take the next step in assuring test reliability and accuracy. Contact us today to find out how a new MTS Criterion System with a 5000 Hz data acquisition rate can improve testing accuracy.


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